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Dr Who: The End of Time Part 2 aKa Bye, Bye Ten 
1st-Jan-2010 08:31 pm
Tony  coffee

Well, fuck, he pulled it off. I didn't think RTD could do it, but he did. Was it perfect? No. Did it have confusing plot holes? Yes. But was it a good send off for Ten? I think so. The ending was a tiny bit self-indulgent but everyone got their moment, and oh Wilf. Wilf. <3 And the Master took them down!

Anyway, specifics (in vaguely chronological order):

Hi Dr/Master 'shippers, how are you doing? That was a nice episode for you there.

Loved the quiet scene between Wilf and Ten. <3 "I would be proud if you were my father ... " Aw, dude. And Ten admitting that he may have not directly killed people, but did manipulate people into killing themselves.

The pods on the spaceship were so Star Wars.

The Time Lords confused me overall. I missed the first thirty seconds, which I don't think helped, I'll have to go back. There seems like there was quite a large plot hole there. And we never learned who the woman in white was?

Head!Time Lord guy makes the Ten look amazingly humble.

Gloves of Dooom. Which can turn back people's biology clearly.

Loved what the Master did. Loved it. Rocket hands came in useful. John Simm did rock this whole ep actually, for a while there he was half the episode by himself.

I did like the death ... and the four knocks. Quiet. And that he had to save Wilf. And that's why Wilf kept turning up again and again. (Absorbing radiation, Spock much?) And that he was egotistical right to the end. "Lived too long" were nice quiet words though. Oh DT does rock those quiet scenes. I'll miss them.

Martha and Mickey what?! Was that just a way of ticking off two at once? Am I just forgetting something?

I did love they included the Matron. I liked that scene a lot.

Jack. Eh. I still have CoE issues. Star Wars cantina, much?

I did think Rose got a little shortchanged in the send-offs, but I guess that was his only option, and that he left her to last. It was cute though. Oh, yes.

Eleven? ... I'll wait and see. On those thirty seconds, I'm not impressed, but it was thirty seconds.

There were tears, probably not as many as I would have thought though.

Bye, bye Ten. I'll miss you hell of a lot, dude.

Ed Byrne is on Celebrity Mastermind! And he's answering on Star Trek movies. OMG. <3

Oh, and Yuletide reveal.

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Spoilers for the end of Season 3.
2nd-Jan-2010 08:49 pm (UTC)
Martha and Mickey what?! Was that just a way of ticking off two at once? Am I just forgetting something?
I'm still wtf-ing over this one, seriously.

And you're so right about the Star Wars cantina!
2nd-Jan-2010 11:44 pm (UTC)
It's not even really that I'm against Mickey/Martha in theory (although I did like Tom) it was just a complete WTF. There was no background at all. I did see the point made that we don't know how far in the future it is, but still, it just seemed sort of clumsy.
3rd-Jan-2010 01:38 am (UTC)
Exactly! I really don't understand what RTD was smoking when he came up with that idea. I mean, by the end of season 4 they'd met exactly ONCE. How do you go from that to marriage?
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