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Late Yuletide letter (quite canibalised from last years) 
22nd-Nov-2010 07:36 am
Tony  coffee
Sorry, it's late!

Dear Yuletide writer,

First off, you rock! Honestly. If you're going to write any of the pairings/characters I asked for, I will love it. Seriously.

'Ship wise, I like slash (both sorts), gen and het, although this year (in most cases) I seem to have shied away from really 'shippy requests. With a lot (actually, all) of these fandoms it's really about capturing the feel of the canon universe and the relationships between the characters, than about the 'ships.

If you are making it 'shippy, I'm not a huge fan of incest, rape, non-con and as far as sexual kinks in general go, I tend towards the vanilla end of the spectrum, but threesomes are awesome. But again, don't feel you have to make it porn-y (writing porn is hard, dude), at all.

I am okay with character death and angst. Don't feel you have to make it all rainbows and happy endings if that's not where your muse is directing you. However, saying that I am also a huge sap and love my happy fluffy fic as well.

Random other things I like (which might be hard to fit into my requested fandoms): Political intrigue, geekiness, banter, competence, backstory goodness, history and snark.

Also, I am absolutely fine with AUs and crossovers. Love them in fact. If you see crossover potential with another fandom you know I'm familiar with, go with it.

Fandom specifics:

Fringe: Ah, main obsession of the moment. I just want more Peter really. It can be with Olivia ('shippy or not), or Walter, or Astrid, or none of them, I just want to see more inside his head. How he's feeling about recent plot developments (whatever they maybe at the point of writing), backstory (omg backstory) into what his life was like pre-Fringe or his childhood. I think Peter's had some inconsistent characterisation on show itself and I like any fic that sort of addresses that a little. :)

Community: <3 Really. Just more of them. I don't mind Jeff/Annie, Jeff/Britta, Troy/Abed, but don't feel you have to make it 'shippy. Just more of them hanging out, sticking together and being hilarious. Go as weird as you like. AU, crossovers, you name it. ;)

State of Play (UK): I've always thought there was something about Cal and Della. Maybe it was just that I liked John Simm and Kelly MacDonald a lot. ;) Anyway, I've always wanted to read more about their relationship. It doesn't have to be outright romantic, but just something more than what we saw in the mini-series, whether that's backstory or something else.

Randomly: I just love that little moment where she knows just by looking at him when he walks into the newsroom what's gone on with Stephen, with the nod and the, yeah. <3

Scott Pilgrim: I just loved Wallace and his snarky, snarky self, so more of him. Really. That's pretty much it. I also haven't read the comics bar the first volume, but I don't think that's really an issue. Feel free to put in what you like. :)



Assignment reaction: Excited! Might be a little bit challenging, but I get to write about a character I really love, so yay.

I have Harry Potter thoughts, but I'll leave them for later. They seem to be a little outside the norm and I'm still pondering.

I need Fringe 3.08 now. I am determined not to know anymore about it than I already do, and that's hard, dude. It's going to be epic.

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