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hold your breath and count to ten, let's fall apart and start again
Christmas isn't Christmas without Yuletide 
26th-Dec-2010 07:12 pm
Tony  coffee
Hope everyone had a good Christmas/holiday celebration of their choice/Saturday! :)

Mine was pretty good. Went over to a friend's house to have an orphan's Christmas with 2 Kiwis, 2 Aussies and one of the guy's Argentine girlfriend. The food was amazing, and the company was good. I would have probably preferred to head home at the end of the day, but due to the no public transport on the 25th situation in London, I crashed on the couch. I am quite a big fan of Southern trains today though, as they were the only metro train company that ran services today. So, no 40 minute walk in the cold for me. I do however seem to have lost my debit card. *sigh* Slightly inconvenient, but I have a bit of food in the house, a little cash and no real plans for the next few days other than lazing around the house.

On a slightly related point. Yuletide! OMG Yuletide, I love you! I got a really cool Scott Pilgrim fic The Bed with a spot-on Wallace POV and Wallace and Scott banter.

I also seem to have a treat in Yuletide Madness. *hearts fandom forever*

And my recipient left me the cutest comment on my story! Yay. I do however really need to fix a couple of typos. Eeep.

I have only read a few things, but despite everything that's gone on, I'll probably be using delicious to put recs together, because well, habit mostly and tag groups make me happy.

One other things that Christmas requires. A Dr Who Christmas special!

OMG I loved this. Probably my favourite of any Christmas special.

I don't quite know what it was about this particular story, but I was tearing up at various points. Damn you, Moffatt! Like when took off the bow-tie. Eeep. "Which day would you choose?" Well indeed. And then she had to sing! It was gorgeously done.

I loved how they had it all shown through the video. Michael Gambon's reactions were great, and it was just a really nice device for showing the changes the Doctor made in the past and how they were changing the future, and oh the end where he was showing him his future by having kid!Karzan show up. Ouch.

The actor who played kid!Kazran was great too.

Fez! And how the psychic paper couldn't handle a big a lie as the Doctor being a responsible adult! Lots of cute little moments.

There wasn't enough Amy and Rory (but what there was, was adorable), but apart from that, I loved it.

Need to know when it's back for real.

Relatedly: this is what briefly happened to Marilyn Monroe's wiki page. Love it.

I have been munching through Jaffas all day (mmm NZ candy) and just finished a bottle of L&P. Ah, New Zealand. Missing NZ a little bit, but mostly the weather. I am still used to Christmas with picnics and BBQs. ;)

Had to love UK TV's choice of Christmas movies yesterday. From Madagascar, Shrek The Third, The Polar Express (fairly typical) to Edward Scissorhands (Channel 4, naturally) and Die Hard (lol, though I guess technically a little Christmas-y) and Casablanca and Butch Cassidy (still need to see it). Seeing bits of Casablanca yesterday just reminded how much I love it and need to see it again in full. Also, a remake can never happen. Never.

Random link: Been seen in a lot of places, but in case you haven't seen it. Community characters as Avengers. So awesome. IronMan!Jeff. Vision!Abed. Thor!Britta.

Was happy to see Fringe in many a Top 10 of the year in TV list, but oh, I really need to watch some Breaking Bad, don't I?

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26th-Dec-2010 07:26 pm (UTC)
Relatedly: this is what briefly happened to Marilyn Monroe's wiki page. Love it.
Heeeeeeeeeee! Well played, DW fans.

I hadn't seen the Avengers Community cast. Delightful!
26th-Dec-2010 08:54 pm (UTC)
Relatedly: this is what briefly happened to Marilyn Monroe's wiki page. Love it.

And that is why I love fandom. XD And yeah, I loved the special too. :D
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