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hold your breath and count to ten, let's fall apart and start again
Day 1 of 2011: hangover free 
2nd-Jan-2011 03:46 am
Tony  coffee
Yuletide reveal!

I wrote two things.

Evading Ambassadors: an Emperor's Guide. (Vorkosigan Saga, Miles/Gregor, PG) for cimorene

My assignment. This fic changed on me quite a few times before I settled on a more comedic route, but with a little bit of bittersweet at the end, because in my mind, barring a complete AU and a complete change in Barrayar culture, it's hard to imagine Miles/Gregor as anything really long-term. I like how it came out, mostly, and my recipient and others seemed to. (Although I do admit writing in one of the more 'popular' Yuletide fandoms meant it was read by more people than a lot of my previous Yuletide stories, so I think that inflated the comment and kudos count). I did love writing from Gregor's POV though. I <3 him.

Soldiering On (Fringe, Peter, Peter/OIivia, PG) for Ishyko

A little treat. I wanted to write some Fringe, and I do in retrospect admit this may have not been exactly what the prompt-er wanted. It's post-Marionette Peter, so it isn't exactly happy. At all really. I do think there was a tiny bit of hope at the end. Maybe?

I can see there being more Peter-fic in my future. January 21st is still such a long time away.


New Years Eve was good in the end. Casual drinks at a friends. Quite a lot of vodka and rum and a little bit of drama (not mine) but in the end I awoke hangover free today and it was good to catch up with people. Saw flashes in the sky from the fireworks. All in all, not a bad night.

Today has been super lazy. I listened to Edgar Wright's 6Music show this morning (with guests Simon Pegg and Nick Frost), which was awesome and had lot of good music on it, and then lazed and even napped (which I hardly ever do), and watched some bad and some good TV. So lazy. Tomorrow at least I'll be leaving the house as we're going ice-skating at the outdoor rink by the Tower of London! I've always wanted to skate by the Tower and as I'm leaving this year, my friends' were happy to go along with my choice. Should be good.

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