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hold your breath and count to ten, let's fall apart and start again
Caring about ridiculous tv-shows: a fangirl curse 
3rd-Jan-2012 10:25 am
incredulous danny

The #$%%@ plot

Does anyone actually understand the Shelburn plot anymore? I think I might and then … no, I think they’ve made a complete hash of it. I’m just hoping they explain it in the end, but I’m not holding my breath.

Also has the show forgotten it’s S1 Yakuza plot - because um, Hiro used to work for Wo Fat, guys, and Steve had Yakuza issues already, waltzing it and stealing Joe away didn’t really start a whole new problem.

Steve (yes it’s the bulk of the post, don’t look surprised):

Steve was very much pissy!Steve for so much of this episode. With reason I guess, but still pissy. He was a little harsh on her boyfriend too - the kid tried to commit suicide, Steven ffs.

However, we did get two little smiles when he was with Danny in the interrogation room and when they ‘pushed’ that guy (Steve is such a dick - but in the best way? IDK I’m not objective). Oh hey those scenes have Danny in common. ;)

Poor bastard to have to watch that guy fall too - totally not Steve’s fault but he was not having the best of week’s already. Pissy or not dude needs a hug.

And I was happy to see him lose it at the end because OMG YES. He was tortured for that - he understandably want to know why the fuck that happened - and we even got a Jenna mention! Yes, sometimes I don’t ask a lot. Joe’s walking off comment made no sense though - no, he’s not Steve’s commanding officer - he wouldn’t have to explain himself in that situation either though? Did it mean he doesn’t need to keep looking out for Steve? WTF?

Joe is totally Steve’s real Dad. That’s my call on the big reveal that will ‘shake Steve to his core’ (sigh). Or his Mom is secretly alive, but my money is on the former. Steve’s going to deal with that … badly.

Other good things?

Lots of Kono, and I though Lori was kinda cute with Danny, ‘how did you not know that was there?’ Danny has clearly learned nothing from the last time Steve left things in his car. At least this one isn’t an explosive device. ;) Also Kono and Lori scene! It would please me if they hung out more.

I also decided to give in to all the !!!-ing on my flist and Tumblr dashboard and watch Sherlock. I started watching it in the UK and just never got around to finishing 1.03 - so I did that and then watched the new one.

On the whole, it was good. Very good in places. I don't know if I'm ever going to completely obsess over it though.

Loved the continuation of the scene at the pool. "Staying Alive" was amazing. I was hoping we'd see a little more Moriarty but I guess they're going to spread out his appearances over the season.

I liked Irene - I thought she was a good foil for Sherlock - but 'Sher-locked' seriously? That was a little disappointing and I'm not quite sure how I feel about the ending.

Or the scenes in Buckingham Palace? They just seemed like an excuse to put them in Buckingham Palace and tell a few not-really-that-funny jokes. Okay no, to be fair "I am not the Commonwealth" was awesome.

Hi Lestrade! He needs to be in it more, but then I just have a serious weakness for salt-and-pepper hair. Ask me about Steve's silver temples in H50 .... *daydreams*

Liked the Mrs Hudson fake-out and how as time passed they really grew into a screwed-up family.

"Initially, he wanted to be a pirate." LOVE.

"Hamish. John Hamish Watson. You know, if you're thinking of baby names." John's pretty awesome.

Also style-wise the show was awesome. Pacing, the way the texts/cell-phone scenes were done and the jumping back and forth were all awesome. It's a good looking show.


Yuletide reveal! I wrote three things this year.

My original assignment was:

Been Holding Out So Long (1835 words) by faviconaworldinside
Fandom: State of Play (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Cal McCaffrey/Della Smith
Characters: Cal McCaffrey, Della Smith, Dan Foster, Cameron Foster
Summary: Despite Cameron's protestations to the contrary, people did actually miss Cal.

I quite like how this came out. I think my Cal/Della feelings a bit odd within the small fandom, but I think this was subtle enough. I especially liked writing Cameron.

Thanks so much to [personal profile] stickmarionette for looking over this for me. <3

My pinch hit was:

Forces de la nature (1012 words) by faviconaworldinside
Fandom: A Place of Greater Safety - Hilary Mantel
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Camille Desmoulins/Comte de Mirabeau
Summary: He was a force of nature - not unlike Camille himself - even if sometimes it was the nature of quite some different place altogether.

This I admit, was a bit harder to write but I eventually settled on something (just sneaking in under the deadline) that I think worked out okay. Camille <3

And I also wrote a small treat:

Super(hero)nanny (300 words) by faviconaworldinside
Fandom: The Avengers (2012)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Phil Coulson
Summary: Agent Coulson tries to have a night off. The operative word there being 'tries.'


I've been in a weird mood all day. I've had the flat to myself since the 31st which on the whole has been awesome, but I also started missing having people around. But then at the same time people on the internet were really annoying me (just in general, no one on LJ) and I didn't feel I would be the best company either. So I sat on the balcony in the sunshine reading a history book and getting a little sunburnt. Things could have been worse. ;)

I have to go to work tomorrow. *sigh*

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