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hold your breath and count to ten, let's fall apart and start again
Let the sky fall, when it crumbles, we will stand tall ... 
21st-Nov-2012 10:53 pm
Skinner Staal

- visually OMG gorgeous. Especially the silhouette fight in Shanghai and the scenes with the house fire near the end but to be honest there were many other moments I could mention.

- Bond movies are not supposed to make me slightly teary. This one managed it. I can't exactly say I was surprised M died though. Love that James got the bulldog in the end. <33

- Naomie Harris was so great and so was her character ... right up until the moment they revealed she was Moneypenny. Like I don't want take down PAs and clearly the assistant/PA to M is a good job and maybe they're doing something different with the character, but wouldn't she get to be some sort of analyst or IDK. It just seemed stupid and a way for them to do another 'ooh look a clever reference.'

- My friend said on the way out 'it was all her fault' (meaning Eve at the start and James getting shot) and that got me thinking. I mean combine that with M, whose cutting loose of Silva started all of this and it was all a bit ... woman blaming.

- I've read comments that Silva's whole 'he wanted to be captured all along' thing was very Joker in Dark Knight Rises, and it was, but I admit my first thought was Loki in the Avengers. Also that was not really a surprising plot point, at all.

- Had to laugh that it ended with a literal knife in his back.

- Javier Bardem was certainly very good, but I wouldn't say amazing.

- Judi Dench - <33333

- that scene with Silva and Bond on the chair was certainly ... interesting and slashy as all hell. 'Who said it was my first time?' Well, indeed.

- I think I liked that we got a look into Bond's past? I'm not sure. I did like that the name of the movie linked back to the name of the property though.

- I liked that so much was set in London (Turners in the National Gallery, hi) even if I was a bit, 'I used to walk over that bridge every day,' (hi Vauxhall Bridge where M stopped her car) and 'is that really Temple tube station? Those corridors look like Charing Cross ....' Yes, I still miss London.

- opening sequence was pretty awesome - I love a good motorcycle chase, but I don't think anything is beating the parkour scene in CR anytime soon.

- I wasn't sold on Adele's theme song when i heard it by itself but within the context of the movie it really works. It has also now been in my head on and off since I've seen it.

- Biggest cheer from the audience: appearance of the Aston Martin. So pretty. I was hoping that it would survive intact but so many bad things happen to his cars and this movie was no exception.

And now I sort of want to write a Suits Spy AU BUT I suck at action scenes and get bored reading them let alone writing them and I really need to think about Yuletide.

Sad about Last Resort. Haven't got around to watching the latest ep but might do later tonight. It was a good show even if the last episode (I saw) was a little shaky, but at least they have enough notice to try and tie it up. A show needs to hire Andre Braugher. Someone on Twitter suggested Justified and my god, I would be so happy. *_*

I have however watched the latest episode of

I was kind of eh about this one to be honest.

While I like Will and Kalinda getting drunk together they're both also annoying me at the moment. With Kalinda it's more the incredibly annoying plotline she's stuck in. Just, enough already with the husband thing and what happened with Cary, although you could see it coming, was just awful. He is having a shit time of it recently.

Which also leads into why I'm pissed at Will. Dude, why are you still punishing Cary? Actually I admit I'm not 100% clear why he was punishing him in the first place. Because he left and came back?

I have a lot of Cary feelings apparently.

Alicia is still awesome, and I'm quite liking Amanda Peet's character.

Also I didn't post about the previous ep but I was amused that Lex Luthor (V. Lois and Clark) is Cary's Dad.

In hockey fannishness I have found myself becoming more and more endeared towards Mr. Seguin recently and may have read all the Tyler/Tyler fic (his 'wife' - his words, not joking - is also called Tyler) on AO3 in one sitting. To be fair, there isn't that much, but there should be more!

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21st-Nov-2012 08:14 pm (UTC)
Oh, THAT's why Cary's dad was vaguely familiar.

I am totally ready for Kalinda's stupid husband storyline to be over too. Why did they think it was a good idea?
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