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hold your breath and count to ten, let's fall apart and start again
Civil War thoughts and feels 
6th-May-2016 01:25 am
Tony  coffee
I am actually writing a DW/LJ post! I know!


Like I saw that reviews were mostly positive, but I didn't think I would love it this much. So many great little moments! The emotional moments landed! Tony wasn't vilified! Tony and Steve! Steve and Sam! Steve and Bucky! Natasha! Peter! It could just be the post-viewing high but holy shit I really liked it.

Even though I knew of the theory/canon rumour I never actually made the 'holy shit Bucky killed Tony's parents' connection while watching until, well, Tony did and I slumped down in my seat and just whispered 'oh no oh no oh no' to myself. Tony! And I mean *of course* Bucky wasn't aware what he was doing, but for Steve to keep it from Tony and it being one of Tony's ultimate push button "I am not rational about this topics" worked so well. That final incredibly emotional personal fight between being about their own This Is A Big Important Thing To Me Issues (parents vs Bucky, or well family on both sides I guess) and not the issue of the UN thing, was great. And yes, it's an incredibly hard thing for them to get past, but they left it on a positive note with Steve's letter and Tony not going after Steve. There's hope there! As a Tony/Steve 'shipper I had a lot of doubts about them doing this storyline in the MCU, but it really wasn't the same as the comics at all really. I have many feelings! Even the meeting room scenes when they were arguing were well done. "Sometimes I want to punch you in your perfect teeth" - that line worked much better in context.

Tony/Rhodey got some nice little moments. They showed they are BFFs.

I was sad what they did with Tony/Pepper, but I guess either they didn't think Gwyneth needed to be in it or she wasn't available. I hope they do something more hopeful with them whenever Tony is back next.

Black Panther was so good!! Chadwick Boseman was great, and he had some great moment with Natasha and the suit was super cool.

Natasha! <33 Her BroTP with Steve is alive and well. Being there at the funeral (and oof that was a feels punch) and then not stopping them at the jet when she could have. <3

I really enjoyed Sam too. Funny, had some great lines, and his loyalty to Steve is lovely. That volkswagon scene was hilarious.

Peter was great. Fast-talking, quipping, nerdy, over-excited. I loved how him and Tony bonded, but he also got a little moment with Steve as well. Avenger Fathers!

AT-AT takedown!! I applauded tbh.

I've always liked Daniel Brühl as an actor, and he was very good as Zemo.

There was probably too many characters? But I didn't think it hurt the movie too much? Martin Freeman seemed a little pointless, and idk I'm not really a Hawkyeye person - however I did like they nodded to his and Natasha's friendship in the fight.

I hope Audi felt they got their money's worth out of that car chase lol. So many Audis. I liked most of the action sequences, but that car chase was only okay.

Anyway, I am probably forgetting things (Wanda/Vision!) but I enjoyed it very much and I wish to see it again, very soon.

Keen to hear other people's thoughts/feelings. :)

God I need to sleep. I am awake purely due to the sheer amount of caffeine I've drunk today and feelings.

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